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On October 6, 2010, Thalia entered the Emergency Department doors at SickKids. Within 45 minutes, she was assessed, admitted and diagnosed with a brain tumour. The mass had ruptured, causing painful pressure in her head."The timing of Thalia's diagnosis was critical and the speed and precision with which the doctors came to their conclusions was key to saving her life," says her mother, Pat. "We were told she could have gone into a coma if she hadn't been treated so quickly."The surgical team was swiftly assembled and Thalia was taken to the operating room for emergency surgery to extract the tumour. After testing, the mass was determined to be medulloblastoma, the most common form of brain cancer.After surgery, Thalia underwent six weeks of radiation as an outpatient and in February 2011, she began chemotherapy in the Hospital. For four months, following each round of chemotherapy, Thalia received a transplant of her own bone marrow and spent two weeks in isolation while her immune system rebuilt itself. During this time, she developed an affinity for the volunteers and Camp Oochigeas counselors who kept her company in her room."If Thalia wanted anything, there were always people at her door. We have had the privilege to have been helped by so many people who are truly passionate and excellent at their work."Thalia was discharged and returned home at the end of May 2011. Over the past year, her strength and energy levels have resumed to normal and she is just as active as she ever was. This summer, she is able to attend Camp Ooch as well as other day camps, swim and jump on her trampoline for the first time in one and a half years.