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Give three-year-old Luke 10 minutes in a room full of people and he'll work the whole crowd. At a young age, he knows how to charm just about anyone and can adapt to any situation. This attitude and resiliency made it easier for Luke's parents to cope with his diagnosis of cancer - retinoblastoma - in February 2010. Two years, and several rounds of chemotherapy later, Luke's personality remains the same. "Luke rebounds from everything," said Jess, Luke's father. "Even after eight hours of chemotherapy, Luke would always come home and return to his happy, go-lucky self." Retinoblastoma is a rare cancer of the eye, which typically appears in children before the age of five. Some children are even born with it. In Luke's case, his cancer was bi-lateral, meaning both eyes were affected, although his left eye was worse. About 25 cases of retinoblastoma are reported in Canada each year. Of those, 20 patients are treated at SickKids. When Luke was first diagnosed at SickKids, Jess did some research to figure out where he could get the best treatment. He quickly learned that many of the best doctors in the world were trained at SickKids, by Luke's physician. "Knowing that our oncologist has been treating retinoblastoma patients for a long time was a huge relief to our family. We knew we were in good hands." Despite early efforts to treat Luke's disease with chemotherapy, his medical team decided his best hope to beat the cancer was to remove his left eye. Although it was devastating for his family, they accepted it was a possibility from the start and his best treatment option. Research at SickKids has recently shown that early surgical intervention can save the lives of many patients with retinoblastoma. Four months later, Luke has now adjusted well to his prosthetic eye. His right eye will continue to be monitored and he's thankful that he only needs check-ups every other month. "If you were to meet Luke - an adventurous, personable child - you would never know what he's been through," says his father. Luke is able to bike, toboggan, watch cartoons and do anything a boy his age would enjoy. He is looking forward to starting Kindergarten this fall.