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Keira, six, may not have perfected her ABCs yet, but she has a better medical vocabulary than most adults. She can explain a stoma, a scope and list a number of prescriptions and their purpose. To Keira, medical terms are part of her everyday language and visiting The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is part of her life. Keira has "stumped doctors since the day she was born," according to her mother, Christie. Keira's complicated condition made it difficult to find an effective treatment plan and a long-term solution to her medical needs. At a few weeks old, Keira was diagnosed with neuronal dysplasia type B with motility challenges - a serious intestinal disorder. The disorder has made it difficult at times for her to digest food on her own. At one day old, she had surgery to remove a section of her bowel. She has since endured multiple invasive procedures, including surgery at the age of three to create an ileostomy, which allows waste to bypass her non-functioning intestines. Despite visiting the hospital many times at a young age, Keira is content and full of energy. Even at SickKids, she insists on participating in every craft session and opportunity to play. She loves attending "Tails", the play performed every Thursday night in the Bear Theatre, with her IV pole in tow. She can recite the play beginning to end and does not hesitate to sing and dance along.